BPO Training

BPO Training

What is BPO Training?

Our BPO Training and ITES Training Programs focuses on a wide array of skills required to function productively in the present Indian environment of flourishing BPO companies and IT Enabled Services.

With the growth of the BPO and ITES sector in India, there has been a steep rise in the demands for training at the foundation and managerial levels. We recommend that BPO/ITES training in India be outsourced as the skills required, such as Language Training, Accent Neutralization, Customer Service and Cultural Orientation, are of a highly specialized nature and require experienced professionals to facilitate these sessions. If not handled in the right fashion the results could be detrimental to the professional growth of the trainee and the organization.

Workshop Outline

Momentum Training Solutions uses its extensive experience of working in and interacting with BPO/ITES organizations both in India and abroad. This experience has been translated into our training programs which combine experiential learning with theoretical concepts in order to enable trainees to enjoy their ‘learning journey’.

The BPO training and ITES training program conducted by Momentum Training Solutions primarily cover the following areas:

  • Email Etiquette Training
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Customer Service Training
  • Voice and Accent Training
  • Business Writing Training
  • English Language Training
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Cross Cultural Training

Below are a few BPO/ITES organizations for whom we have conducted training:

  • Sacombank
  • Cognizant
  • Calsoft
  • L&T Infotech
  • Standard Chartered Global Business Services
  • TATA Communication
  • Sutherland
  • Allsec Technologies
  • 24/7 Customer
  • Worldbank

BPO Training Outline


The objective of this training program will be to help participants understand and use a neutral English accent that can be easily understood by people from various cultures across the globe. The methodology will include a combination of presentations, activities, assignments, evaluations, practice and feedback.

Training Topics:

  • Accent Neutralization
    • Identifying and dealing with Mother Tongue Influence (MTI)
    • Pronunciation
    • Vowel Sounds and Consonant Sounds
    • Using Inflection
    • Using Intonation and syllable stress
    • Pausing for effect
    • Reducing Rate of Speech
  • Business Writing
    • Getting to the point
        • Being concise
        • Paragraphing
        • Use of lists
        • Framing effective questions
  • Choosing the right tone
  • Using non-discriminatory language
  • Punctuation, grammar and spelling
  • Organizing thoughts
  • Structuring paragraphs and sentences

Customer Service:

  • Understanding 21st century customer service from a global perspective
  • Internal vs. External customers
  • Developing customer service orientation
  • Setting and managing customer expectations
  • Essentials of quality customer service
  • Creating ‘Customer Delight’
  • Dealing with different kinds of customers
    • Aggressive/demanding customers
    • Angry customers
    • HR process-ignorant customers
  • Customer service mistakes & ways to overcome them

Customer Handling:

  • Role play: Handling an IT-ignorant customer
  • Role play: Handling a frustrated customer
  • Using reflective listening
  • Empathizing with customers

Telephone Etiquette:

  • Introduction:
    • Greeting
    • Using the customer’s name accurately & effectively
  • Identifying the customer’s needs:
    • Probing
    • Using the right kind of questions
    • Using questions effectively
  • Gathering information:
    • Re-statement
    • Paraphrasing
    • Summarizing
  • Resolution:
    • Respectfully giving directions (avoiding being blunt)
    • Moving at the customer’s pace
    • Avoiding jargon
  • Effective call handling:
    • Hold procedure
    • Avoiding ‘Dead Air’
    • Avoiding fillers
    • Active listening
    • Avoiding forbidden phrases (e.g. “Just a second”)

Communication Skills

  • Verbal communication
    • Probing Skills
        • Open-ended Questions
        • Close-ended Questions
        • Counter-productive questions
    • Paraphrasing
    • Summarizing
  • Non-verbal communication
    • Tone of voice
    • Rate of speech
    • Courtesy and politeness
    • Body language
  • Activity
    • 2 minute free speech on various topics
    • Call simulation
  • Listening skills
  • Active Listening
  • Reflective Listening
  • Passive Listening

Training Hours:

Our recommendation is for 40 hours of training

Momentum Training Solutions also conducts training programs in Soft Skills Training & Communication Skills Training that has proved to be extremely beneficial to corporate employees.