Negotiation Skills Training


What is Negotiation?

Negotiation is the ability to use the power of bargaining to achieve results that is a win-win for both parties. It is a voluntary effort by the use of direct discussion to varying opinions, interests and goals without conflict.

What is Negotiation Skills?

Negotiation Skills is an important competency that all leaders should work on a regular basis.When doing business, there is always an element of negotiation with customers, vendors, partners, bosses, and employees. It is done whether you are the buyer or seller of an idea or product, during hallway discussions, at a project review with some people on each side.

In all situations, win-win negotiation can help to build relationships and enhance business. In our soft skills training and managerial training, Negotiation Training is a key program.



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“You may not realize it, but everyone negotiates all the time. It’s an essential part of all human relations.” says Gerard Nierenberg, Founder and President of the New York City-based Negotiation Institute and the author of over 20 books.

How to Negotiate?

The below listed articles give a list of powerful ways to enhance the art of negotiation:

  1. 15 Ways To Level Up Your Negotiation Skills
  2. Top 10 Negotiation Skills You Must Learn to Succeed

Negotiation Techniques

Below are the benefits of developing effective techniques:

  1. Seeing Other Points of View
  2. Reading Other People
  3. Working with Your Own Negotiation ‘Rules’ and Beliefs
  4. Playing the ‘Game’ of Negotiation
  5. Knowing Your Bottom Line
  6. Knowing What to Give Away
  7. Making Decisions
  8. Closing the Deal
  9. Reading the other party’s needs

The Negotiation Training conducted by Momentum Training Solutions helps participants understand the principles behind negotiating and enable them to develop a personal negotiation style.

Negotiation Training Outline

“My ability to negotiate fairly and confidently enables me to arrive at win-win solutions which will deliver better outcomes for my organization.”

Benefits for the Participants:

  • By attending this training seminar you’ll learn how to:
    • Improve negotiation skills
    • Negotiate with managers and team members
    • Negotiate with stakeholders / suppliers / vendors
    • Use influencing skills
    • Read the other party’s needs
    • Understand the elements of persuasion that lead to a successful negotiation

Training Topics:

  • Stages of negotiation:
    • Understanding the negotiation process, the aims of each stage and what they involve
  • Skills of negotiation:
    • Assertiveness
    • Persuasiveness / Influencing Skills
    • Conflict Resolution
  • Preparing to negotiate:
    • Understand preparation from various angles:
        • Purpose
        • Desired outcomes for both sides
        • Profile of people present
        • Interests and Positions of all parties
  • Win-win negotiation
  • Essentials of Negotiation:
  • Negotiables and Non-Negotiables:
    • Knowing Your Bottom Line
    • Knowing What to Give Away
  • Making Decisions:
    • Closing The Deal
  • Action Planning:
    • Identifying personal development needs
    • Using the workplace as a training ground to continually enhance these skills

Training Methodology:

  • The program will be customized based on the conversations with the stakeholders
  • The role plays that are conducted during the training will be based on scenarios that are provided by the participants
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Games and Group Activities
  • Case Studies

Training Hours:

The duration of the training program will be 8 hours

Our time-tested and proven negotiation skills training materials are sought after by both corporates and trainers alike.